Love is in the Air

Everything's buzzing right now - the bees, the birds. It's that warm summer vibe. Perfect time to pop the question. Here at McKims Jewellery Design we can help calm those butterflies in your tummy, making choosing the perfect engagement ring a smooth process.

Masters of Reinvention

Do you have jewellery you no longer wear? A collection of well-loved but well-worn or outdated pieces, a lost earring, a broken chain? Let us transform this into a beautiful new design.

Will you marry me?

Will you marry me? Together, four powerful words. So much thought has gone into how to say them, when to say them, the perfect time, the perfect moment. And with a resounding - Yes! - a promise is made, the binding of two hearts.

A Love Story

As a gift to his wife, to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, a loving husband commissions Craig McKim to create this diamond brooch - an exact replica of the missing original brooch, worn on their wedding day in 1964. Click to read this love story.